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Elevating Panel Design Possibilities with ASRs Conjugated to Two Additional BD Horizon Brilliant™ Dyes

BD continues to offer a ­­­ portfolio of analyte specific reagents (ASRs), including the most number of violet laser dyes that are available conjugated to ASRs. Now available BD Horizon Brilliant Violet™ 711 (BV711) and BD Horizon Brilliant Violet™ 786 (BV786) ASRs further expand your laboratory’s options in multicolor panel design. BD Horizon™ BV711 and BV786 ASRs can be used on flow cytometers equipped with a violet laser (405 nm) and appropriate filters, such as the 12-color BD FACSLyric™ Flow Cytometer.

Clinical Brilliance Elevated


New ASRs

The following BD Horizon Brilliant™ ASRs are now available for consistency, brightness and channel flexibility.


Description Clone ASR Cat. No. ASR with BD Horizon Brilliant
Stain Buffer GPR Cat. No.
CD4 BV711 SK3 664519 664539
CD10 BV711 HI10a 664520 664540
CD13 BV711 L138 664521 664541
CD14 BV711 MᶲP9 664522 664542
CD38 BV711 HB7 664523 664543
CD56 BV711 NCAM16.2 664524 664544
CD123 BV711 9F5 664525 664545
Mouse IgG1 BV711 X40 664526 664546
CD3 BV786 SK7 664527 664547
CD4 BV786 SK3 664528 664548
CD5 BV786 L17F12 664529 664549
CD8 BV786 SK1 664530 664550
CD16 BV786 3G8 664531 664551
CD19 BV786 SJ25C1 664532 664552
CD20 BV786 L27 664533 664553
CD23 BV786 EBVCS-5 664534 664554
CD45 BV786 HI30 664535 664555
HLA-DR BV786 G46-6 664536 664556
Mouse IgG1 BV786 X40 664537 664557



Further expanding the ASR portfolio beyond BD Horizon Brilliant™ ASRs, the following ASRs are now also available to increase panel flexibility.


Description Clone ASR Cat. No.
CD22 PE-Cy7 S-HCL-1 664538

Analyte Specific Reagent. Analytical and performance characteristics are not established.

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